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Grace and Charles Fuller Legacy Circle Members

We are profoundly grateful to the following individuals whose vision, commitment and thoughtful legacy gifts will help empower Fuller's future.

List current as of 5/21/24.

  • Anonymous (85)
  • Leslie C. Allen
  • Robert and Susan Anderson
  • Mary and Dale Andringa
  • Lester and Jeanne Armstrong
  • Brent and Jan Assink
  • Dikran Ayarian
  • Roger and Verna Barrett
  • Warren and Nancy Beach
  • Wendy Lee Bernhard
  • Dr. Douglas and Martha Beyer
  • Paul and Margaret Birch
  • Russ and Jackie Bloem
  • Mark Lau Branson & Nina Lyn Lau-Branson
  • Phil and Sue Branson
  • Preston and Carolyn Butcher
  • Gloria and Melvin* Call
  • George Morris Calvert and Nancy Lyn Calvert
  • Barbara and Dick* Carlsberg
  • The Ceremsak Family
  • Kalos Works.Org
  • Wai May Chan
  • Cathy and Paul* Clement
  • Margaret Liu Collins
  • Polly and Bill Craig (D.Min'83)
  • Dr. Ronald and Mrs. Bonnie Crandall
  • Samuel Cruz
  • Esther De Pree
  • Mr. Tom Dowd
  • Katherine Herrick Drake
  • Bruce and Jackie* Dreon
  • William and Grace Dyrness
  • Drs. Richard and Joyce Quiring Erickson
  • Henry Fliegel
  • Elizabeth Foreman
  • Quinn and Nancy Fox
  • Joseph M. Freeman
  • Daniel Gerber
  • Dean and Mary Given
  • Jan and Dick Govig
  • Rev. Barbara Jean Haney Jenkins
  • William and Nancy Hasker
  • Evan and Dorothy Hazelton
  • Sandra A. Herron
  • Rev. Cherilyn Holland
  • Anne and John Huffman
  • Pastor Lynne Hundley
  • Jim and Martha Hunt
  • Alma L. Ivor-Campbell
  • Kathleen L. Kane
  • Mark and Megan Klopp
  • Mark and Janet Labberton
  • Bruce and Eleanor Lea
  • Rev. Arthur and Jade Lum
  • Chris and Parky May
  • Christopher D. McFail
  • James D. and Barbara E. McLennan
  • Shirley Mullen and Paul Mills
  • Mr. Andrew H. and the Rev. Dr. Mary Holder Naegeli
  • John and Nancy Ortberg
  • Clifford and Joyce Penner
  • Philippa S. Phillips
  • Linda J. Prinn
  • Roger and LaRae Quy
  • Bud* and Jen Richter
  • Roy Rogers and Mary Olson
  • Meritt and Steve Sawyer
  • Jeannette F. Scholer
  • Tom* and Sandy Shrader Living Trust
  • Marguerite Shuster
  • Arden and Cynthia Snyder
  • David* and Mary Solomon
  • Rev. Dr. Judith Eileen Stone
  • Denise and Cary Tamura
  • Frank and Matilda Tranzow
  • Ralph Van Dixhorn
  • David J. and Jody D. Vanderwel
  • Drs. Joseph and Sharon Venema
  • Daniel and Judith Villanueva
  • Dennis W. Wallstrom (Ph.D. Psychology' 90)
  • John and Anne Wheeler-Waddell
  • Franklin Wong and Lynda Chang

"*" deceased

To learn how you can make a current or legacy gift to Fuller,
please contact us at 626.792.3232 or [email protected].